creative, fun, alternative Lewes Wedding Photographer

Hi, I’m Bex

Based near Lewes in East Sussex, I shoot weddings for fun-loving couples who aren’t afraid to get their dress dirty and let their hair down.

In my nine years of capturing wedding shenanigans in Sussex, I’ve noticed one awesome trend among my ace couples – they all want to party like there’s no tomorrow! I mean, who can blame them? Weddings are all about letting your hair down, busting out those dance moves, and having an absolute blast!

I like to think of myself like an extra bridesmaid – there’s nothing I won’t do, from collecting forgotten flowers to pushing broken-down golf buggies up hills (true stories).

I’m a bit of a class clown, which is pretty useful at weddings – if you’re stressing about something on the day, I’ll be there to tell shit jokes and make you laugh. I’ll also entertain your guests to get the best out of everyone, especially during that big group photo where there’s always someone hiding!

alternative wedding photography in Lewes

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who will make rude jokes with your dad, get your mum to relax during family photos, and make your nan laugh, scroll on and check out my work! If you like what I do, let’s chat!


my wedding photography style

I’m a self-confessed people watcher. Nothing gets past me, so if something’s going down, I’ll be there catching it for you to see later – I love showing my couples moments they didn’t even know happened! I’m always on the lookout for laughter and tears and all the emosh stuff that happens at weddings. I also take creative portraits of the two of you – they can be as romantic or as silly as you like!

getting to know your fabulous selves

I don’t just want to take pictures at your wedding, I want to get to know you – how you met, how you fell in love, why you chose your first song, what your future plans are – I will get to know all this through a super casual pre-wedding shoot and meeting at a location chosen by you….  what? Did someone say Paris…?

This will give me a great idea of how to capture your day, and if you don’t think ‘by gosh, she’s really caught our personalities in this one’ I’ll eat my fascinator.

Bex is great at making you laugh and relax, but is also a super ninja – she photographed so many moments without us even knowing she was there!

Bex had no problem coming out in the horrible weather to capture the best photos! She is also a wicked person with a great sense of humour

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You like my photos, and think I’ll be an ace addition to your wedding? More importantly, you’re just dying to hear my terrible jokes.

Head on over to my contact page, fill in the form and we’ll have a lovely chat.