School’s out for summer… Tips to get great pictures of your kids

So, the sun shines and the old camera comes out and you decide you’re going to be super organised this year, bulk buy picture frames from Ikea and sort Christmas in one fell swoop.

Then your usually beautiful, smiley, confident children turn into gremlins that you don’t recognise and you are unsure as to whether you actually want anyone to see photos of them.

Well, as a family photographer, I can offer you a little guidance, a few tricks of the trade to get some decent Christmas fodder.


1. Feed the animals children.

In my experience, thirst and hunger breed whining and mischief, if you’re taking this seriously, make sure you are armed with snacks and drinks – at worst, this takes two major contenders from a child’s list of ‘reasons I will not smile’


2. Timing is the key to your success

I mean… I could tell you that in the summer the light is ah-maaaazing at precisely 7.23pm but if you know that little Jonny will throw a tantrum to rival all tantrums at precisely 7.19pm if he doesn’t go to sleep, there is literally no point in you attempting this. Work your photos round your kids; don’t aim for light perfection.


3. Be silly, really silly.

Nothing makes kids laugh more than witnessing their parents being absolute idiots, or acting like little kids, silly voices, fart noises – whatever, kids love it – I mean, it might take a week for them to stop shouting ‘Mummy called Daddy a poo poo head’ but what a great shot you got from that.


4. Ice cream is basically wizardry

Ice cream based bribery is completely ok and will not be judged.


5. Don’t wait for a smile

Some of my very favourite photos of my kids involve neither smiles nor the children looking at the camera. There is something so beautifully innocent about a child going about childish things, unaware of the camera and focused on their task, instead of shouting ‘CHEESE ARCHIE, SAY CHEESE’ through gritted teeth, take a step back and watch your child do what they do best.


6. Hire Bex Gunn Photography

I mean… duh?!







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